Free Medical Clinic

Free Medical Clinic in our community

Free medical clinic - at the Community Hall ,Balaji Matha ,San Jose,CA,USA

Balaji Matha, as part of its community service programs, runs a free medical clinic in its community hall in San Jose,CA. The clinic is open to everyone; irrespective of race, religion and identity.

Dr. Srinivasa K Ashokkumar MD, has been engaged with the Balaji Matha for several years and very kindly offers his voluntary services for the clinic.

Introduction to Dr Srinivasa K Ashokkumar MD: Internal Medicine

Dr. Srinivasa K Ashokkumar is an Internal Medicine Specialist in Salinas, California. He graduated from Mysore medical college in the year 1974. He is board certified in internal medicine and emergency medicine.

He has been a teacher in emergency medicine and internal medicine for several years in Detroit Michigan affiliated with Michigan State University. He has been in private practice in Monterey county for the last 35 years.

Some of the services offered (In his words):

Most of the patients I see are family members of our Indian kids who are settled in our city and state. Many times they bring medical reports that I am able to review and guide them for the next step of their treatment. I am able to guide them in their medical problems such as heart conditions or cancer or diabetes etc.I am able to refill their medications if they run out during their stay in this country. Many patients I do see on a regular basis. Many patients do keep in touch with me via email when they go back home. Many patients reach me via WhatsApp for any emergency consultations. I feel humbled and gratified when patients are helped and healed.

I am hoping to restart the free medical clinic in the next couple of months when the state and county allow small group gatherings and the incidence of COVID-19 calms down from its peak now.

I first got acquainted with Poojya Narayanananda Swamiji in 2008. At that time the temple was on Cypress Avenue in Sunnyvale. I always wanted to see if I can help our community by doing free medical service. I have done this for many years in India.

Swamiji blessed me and guided me to start doing a free medical clinic at the temple once a month on a Sunday. This has been done since 2008 until March 2020. We had to close it down because of COVID-19 regulations. We are hoping to restart the clinic again in a couple of months when more people are vaccinated. I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and heart felt satisfaction that I am able to do this little bit of service to our community. This is all being possible due to Swamiji’s blessings and guidance.

Again all this has been possible from the guidance , help and blessings from Swamiji and Lord Balaji.

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We conduct free wellness programs open to people of all faiths, which consists of free yoga, health checks and meditation camps. We have been involved in feeding the homeless and poor and most recently providing education to the underprivileged in the society.

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